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Calamine Secret Sunblock

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Total solution for SUN care on oily skin.
# Perfect protection from UV (SPF50+, PA++++)
# Soothing REDNESS (Calamine Effect)

Calamine Secret Sunblock with Pink Tone-up is a Triple functional cosmetic, "brightening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection". Besides, this sunblock soothes sunburnt skin with real calamine 15,000ppm. With SPF50+, PA++++, your skin is protected against UV rays and the lightweight texture allows you to reapply it several times for a day. Moreover, natural Tone-up effect makes your skin look brighter! —No white cast, the Natural brightening effect transforms your skin into soft radiant skin

Skin Type: Dry, Normal, Combination, Oily, Sensitive

Volume : 50 ml

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