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Terms and conditions of delivery

The Products shall be delivered to the customer as set out in the Order in the same day if ordered before 12 p.m for « Grand Tunis » and whithin 24 hours to 48 hours concerning the other governorates (Aramex – First).

If the customer fails to take delivery of the products, then Tunisia Marka By Ameni has the right to store until delivery takes place. The maximum period for storage is 7 days after which the order will be automatically cancelled. This implies that a new order and delivery date will only be confirmed when payment criteria are met.

If a customer wants her/his package after surpassing storage period, s/he has to repay delivery costs again (*2).

If delivery by Tunisia Marka By Ameni is delayed, the customer shall, on request by TM, declare within a reasonable period of time, whether the customer insists on delivery or wants to cancel her/his order.

The customer may not refuse to accept deliveries on account of insignificant defects.